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From Legacy System To Digital Powerhouse

Air Spark aligns technologies and business processes to create solutions that enhance business performance through a digital transformation from legacy systems. We achieve digital transformation by deploying technologies that align with processes and data needed to be tracked, transformed, and presented in a visually powerful way. To be competitive in the rapidly changing environment of business, you need a company like Air Spark to consolidate legacy systems while migrating on-premises systems to cloud-based applications that represent the modern and updated business environment.

For example, the receiving inspection standards for one of the leaders in automotive manufacturing and technology needed a digitized solution for receiving inspection standards. Air Spark took all the industry requirements, reports, forms, tracking, and reporting to create a customized digital solution. Tracking all the testing and data digitally eliminated an overwhelming amount of paper tracking and human error in recording the results. The custom tracking and reporting system streamlined workflow processes and ensured notification of out-of-specification parts. These digital solutions took processes that already existed and provided a digital tool to aid in the process while keeping managers informed as to what is happening at any given time with custom dashboards customized to the user.

The legacy data was uploaded and audited by the Air Spark team to ensure clean and accurate records. Our custom digital transformation solutions will help you transition from legacy systems to digital powerhouses in your industry. Invest in a powerful future for your business with agile digital platforms created to work for you to gather and interpret data giving you real-time data-driven information to make better decisions and accurate, current data you can access from anywhere.

Let Air Spark help you compete and thrive in the digital age of business.


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