Creating data-driven business intelligence for everyone at every level of the organization to visualize can be a powerful tool. Do you currently have the confidence to make up-to-the-minute data-driven analyses and decisions? Can you empower your company and employees to visualize any data on the business intelligence platform? Does your business intelligence platform help you gain end-to-end deeper data insight? No, but you could with Power BI and the ability to create dashboards and reports inside a platform designed for visualization.

Power BI connects data and decision-making to create a data visualization experience that simplifies complex data sets into actionable business decisions. Customizable reports power the insight into KPIs to analyze and promote deeper understanding across your organization with maintained confidence in the accuracy of your data. When you provide visual insight, you promote and drive strategic actions and business decisions that positively affect the company and your employees.

Air Spark has helped an extensive list of Fortune 500 clients harness the power in their data by customizing Power BI dashboards and reports to enhance business intelligence in real-time and in real-world, actionable ways that empower cost-saving decision-making. Creating a custom Power BI solution gives our clients and employees clarity to visualize their impact on the company instead of a spreadsheet of confusing numbers.

Our custom BI solutions help all areas of the business, from business model integration to more insightful conversations with suppliers and end customers. Let the team at Air Spark craft a custom solution for your organization employing the power of Power BI.

Imagine the ability to unlock insight, processes, and people to help you thrive and compete in this digital age of business. You can! It’s all in the raw data you create and collect every day as a business. The power is in the data; the key is knowing how to use that data to drive innovative business models and workflow processes. The boxed off-the-shelf software solutions can be a good starting point to establish a data collection and business model infrastructure. However, these boxed solutions have key faults:

The boxed off-the-shelf solution is not only expensive to purchase and the downtime from integration, but often once set up, fails to address key data metrics that should be tracked and provides limited or no solutions for customized data collection or reporting. The frustration is you’ve invested in a solution to harness that data and are now left with gaps or generic reporting and collection models.

Air Spark takes a different approach. We understand the power of the data and the importance of partnering with a company that’s passionate about taking the raw data of a company and harnessing the insights to drive real-time data-driven innovation and business models. We, as a team, take the time to get to know your business, your data, and your goals. Taking a deep dive into your data allows us to create a digital architecture that captures, transforms, and deploys data visualization platforms that put the power of data and your company insights in your hands to make real-time decisions that are data-driven by your data.

Digital transformation in this business landscape is a race for companies to collect data and innovate their business and industry. To be the name in best-in-class practices and processes and in this expeditiously changing business environment to the victor go the spoils. That becomes difficult if you don’t know what data needs to be tracked or how to gain meaningful insights from endless rows on a spreadsheet. The charts and graphs created by spreadsheets give a visual representation of data; however, most of the time, you're seeing data that is potentially a month or more outdated.

Data visualization, such as dashboards, allows you to visualize your data in a new and vibrant way, bringing that data alive. It helps you gain meaningful and powerful insights in real-time about what is happening and make decisions based on the most up-to-date data. There is no more need for static reports when you can interact with your data and click through in real-time what is happening.

Partner with Air Spark, a company that has worked with some of the biggest names in the business to realize the full potential of their data and create powerful data visualization dashboards and custom software solutions to spark transformation in this digital age of business.

Air Spark is a digital transformation company that uses the power of a company's data, processes, and people to provide digital solutions.

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