Optimize Your Website in 4 Simple Steps

To keep up with competitors and put your website on the map, SEO is a great tool. SEO (search engine optimization) includes any tactic that can improve your rankings on a search page. Incorporating keywords is a good start, but search engine technology has advanced beyond that. Here are some tips for optimizing your website for search engines.

  1. Research Keywords

Before you begin, choose a selection of targeted keywords. These keywords include words and phrases people would use to search for whatever you are offering. Look at the keyword lists of competitors for inspiration. Use analytic programs to track search traffic and adjust keyword usage accordingly.

  1. Create Content for Real Humans

Search engines are getting smarter. In order to find the best results for a user, search engines decipher between valuable content and spam. Developing organic, useful, informative content for your website will give you high rankings on search platforms.

Use keywords sparingly. About one keyword for every 100 words should do the trick. Keyword-stuffing can cause search engines to flag the content as spam and make your site harder to find.

  1. Keep Users Engaged

Another way search engines are advancing is by including user engagement factors in their search algorithms. When users spend a long time looking at and interacting with your site, this is a good indication that it is useful. This engagement data will be used when determining where you place on a search page.

Embedding quality videos on your site is a great way to increase user engagement. Creating a transcript for these videos can also help with SEO, especially if the videos are uploaded to YouTube.

  1. Utilize Meta Tags and Anchor Text

Meta tags describe the content of a page on a search engine. They do not show up on the page, itself, and are merely a search tool. Pages with relevant, well-formulated meta tags are found easier in keyword searches. Similarly, relevant anchor text for hyperlinks adds yet another element to help search engines find a site.

These four techniques are a good start to priming your site for SEO. Remember to keep track of your site traffic to mark progress and alter as needed.