4 Things Users Look for in a Website

A good website caters to its target audience. It predicts user needs and optimizes UX to keep site traffic from bouncing. Developing a successful website starts with understanding what the modern-day user wants. Here is 4 things Users Look for in a Website and the key to making your site a success.

Relevant Content

Most of the time, people come to your website because they are searching for information. Deliver content that benefits your readers and they will keep coming back. Good websites identify what’s important to their users and show off their expertise in those areas. One of the main ways search engines find your website is through content. Use keywords to describe your products or services and help customers find you.

Content gives you an opportunity to link to other pages on your website. When you do, you give customers easy access to more information and help search engines connect to more pages in your site.

Skimmable Pages

Users want information, but they don’t want to have to work for it. User-friendly web pages let customers find what they need at a glance. Avoid long words and sentences by keeping content concise. Make text and typography easy to read. Use headings and bullet lists to break up long portions of text and make key information easy to find.

Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are links to your webpage from other sources. Search engines like Google prioritize websites with backlinks from other sites that are both authoritative and relevant. They help get referral traffic, which typically has a low bounce rate.

Original Images

Images grab user attention. Your website’s images will likely form the first impression, so quality photos and other imagery are crucial to success. Images connect with user emotions and draw them in to your site. They make users more likely to trust you or turn them away. Some studies show that images using human faces can cause conversion rates to double, while stock photos reduce user trust.

Attract more users to your website and improve conversions through thoughtful website design. Optimize UX to create a successful website customers come back to again and again. If you would like to see how you can improve the performance of your website and start dominating your market in Knoxville, TN or across the country, Call us today at 865-999-0102 or Get A Free Quote Now