When is it Time for a Website Redesign?

Every website has a life cycle. Changing market trends and user demands mean to stay in the game, you need to make sure your website continues to perform well. 

Signs of Trouble

If your site shows any of the following signs, you should consider investing in a redesign strategy:

  • You haven’t redesigned it in ages
  • There are reports of slow download speeds
  • Your stats show that sales are coming from every other marketing channel you use except your website

The Dizzying Pace of Change

If you haven’t made sure your site presents a seamless user experience across all devices, that alone should prompt you to update it. Users want an easy-to-navigate experience. They can be using any number of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. They want to be confident that the graphic presentation of your website will be portable and easy to navigate, and that the download performance will be reliable.

You also may have made changes to your own brand identity, products, or services that you want to highlight in the next version of your site.

Gut-Check Time

There are reasons not to redesign. A careful analysis of your expected ROI should help you sort out the good reasons from possible bad ones. Two examples of bad reasons are that your best friend thinks you should do it, or that your biggest competitor just redesigned theirs.

What’s Next for a Great Site

Your next step will be finding the best blend of appealing design, marketing savvy, and technical performance.

Marketing experts stress the importance of capturing sales leads at the top of the marketing funnel and converting them to sales. A website should be no exception! If you would like to see how you can improve the performance of your website and start dominating your market in Knoxville, TN or across the country, Call us today at 865-999-0102 or Get A Free Quote Now

Using the Psychology of Color in Your Marketing

Businesses must invest in marketing if they are to grow. The target audience must be analyzed so content can be crafted to their needs and interests, a business’s website needs to work on all types of devices, and social media needs to be utilized. Color has an enormous impact on the success of your marketing, but it needs to be used correctly. Often marketing professionals spend only a small amount of time on color and how it affects users. Don’t miss out on this powerful way to connect.

Use Color to Create Emotion. Color triggers feelings and results in actions. Shoppers identify blue with feelings of trust and security; you see it on banks, insurance companies, and law enforcement uniforms. Yellow is energetic, an attention-grabber that makes an item stand out. Red doesn’t just stimulate charging bulls – it increases the heart rate in people, too, often causing a feeling of urgency. Savvy marketers use red with clearance items to let shoppers know they might miss out on a deal if they don’t grab it right away.

Use Color to Highlight Your Brand. A study of the world’s top 100 brands analyzed their logos and found 95% of them only used one or two colors. If you’re using more than that in your logo, you might be using too much. Use color to promote brand recognition and create consumer confidence.

Use Color to Improve Site Usability. Color can increase your conversion rate by showing customers where to look. Our brains process images faster than text, so the colors on your page influence where visitors focus. Don’t just flood your site with color – create readable text on a light background and use color to emphasize key points. Make the action you want them to take really stand out. Customers are more likely to respond to your call to action if it is red.

Use Color to Spur Action. Ninety percent of product assessment is based on color. Shoppers report making buying choices based on color alone. They also say they would choose not to buy an item if it didn’t come in their preferred color, even if it met all their other criteria.

Grab consumer attention and get the results you want. Understand color’s impact on viewers to make the most of your marketing.

Incorporating color digital marketing strategy can bring your small business to the next level and have you competing with large corporations. Ask us how we can help your small business start dominating your market in Knoxville, TN or across the country. Call us today @ 865-999-0102.


Utilize Digital Marketing to Enhance Your Business

As a business here in Knoxville, Tennessee, or anywhere for that matter, you may be developing your digital marketing initiatives. Even though your business is local, it is still important to build your web presence and gain more traffic online.

There are three main areas to focus your digital marketing strategy:

  1. Earned Media

    Your most effective means of marketing as a business is word of mouth. If your business provides a product or service your customers enjoy, they are more likely to share information about you and recommend your business to others.

    Media outlets and journalists are another great source of earned media. This type of referral comes with a heavy time investment. While this media is most beneficial and drives organic results, time and effort are required to gain a positive reputation.

  2. Paid Media

    This type of media promotes your business through a channel you do not already own. This means you will be paying somehow for the advertising that is being shown of your business. Typical paid media platforms are Google, Facebook, and other website sponsorships.

    Paid media is a less personal approach to getting your name and brand out there. Your company will show up in a search engine or social media platform in hopes to encourage clicks back to your site.

  3. Owned Media

    This type of advertising is a great way to get existing customers to keep coming back for more. You are using your own website and digital real estate to further advertise your business and other products and services you offer.

    Keeping your website relevant is key to owned media success. Customers like to see you are giving them information and products that are meaningful to them at the time of their visit. This will keep them coming back for more

Incorporating these three steps into your digital marketing strategy can bring your small business to the next level and have you competing with large corporations. Ask us how we can help your small business start dominating your market. Call us today @ 865-999-0102.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Having a website designed is a process. Part of that is being sure you’ve selected the right company for the job. When we talk with companies that are considering our services, there are a few questions that inevitably come up. We’re glad they do, because communication is the key to a successful and satisfactory relationship. That said, we want to share the four most common questions we get at Air Spark.

  1. How long will it take to build my website? Every website is different. It will depend on the complexity of the project, among other things. In most cases, you can expect your website to be up and running in 4 to 8 weeks. Once we’ve had a preliminary discussion with you and have a plan in place, we are happy to give you a more definite timeline. 
  2. What to do about hosting? If you do a Google search, you will see there are plenty of hosting companies available. We can provide assistance with choosing one that fits your needs. Alternatively, Air Spark offers one of the best hosting platforms available. We’re happy to go over its features and benefits to see if it makes sense for your business.
  3. Will my site be mobile-friendly? Every website we design is mobile-friendly. We recognize that a large percentage of the population has shifted to mobile devices exclusively, and it would be foolish to exclude them.
  4. Will I own my site and files after the project is complete? Absolutely! It is right in our contract that you are the full owner of all website files and data. Your website will be beautiful and effective – and completely yours.

We welcome any questions you may have. We want you to feel completely comfortable and confident that you’ve chosen the best company for your new website design. Contact us today and let’s get started to Spark Up Your Web!